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MOON + WOMB. Stay in tune with the moon phases, signs and your cycle in 2020. This product is based on AEST time zone (GMT+10), which is just 2 hours ahead of Singapore.


Beautifully illustrated and printed with rose gold metallic ink on 100% recycled A2 poster stock.Track your menstrual cycle with the moon by colouring in the droplet.

Know what sign the moon is in every day of the year. Comes with a key covering the signs, symbols and elements for understanding the flavour of the moon.


The phases of the moon are also outlined for working with the moon's energy, including eclipses - the portal openers. Connect more with the moon, it's like a big reflector echoing the wisdom of the cosmos back down to us. Get to know the signs by feeling the movement of the moon through them. Connection to the moon effects our cycles too, which is why you can track your blood moons.

Enjoy the magic of the moon and being a conduit between the heaven and the earth!


The times of the new moons, full moons and eclipses are not listed on this calendar. For general planning purposes, the exact time of day isn’t always important.

2020 Moon Phases + Signs Calendar

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  • Meet the Creator, Kerry Kershaw

    Kerry is an ever-curious creative, a lover and student of the moon, stars and cycles. Nature is her biggest teacher. She has been an artist and designer for over 15 years, obsessed with the cosmos and study of the unseen energies that govern our world.


    Bringing together all of her gifts, passions and wisdom, The Magic of I was born. It is a culmination of Kerry's soul’s whispers, spring boarding from the stars, bringing messages and reminders that being alive is truly the greatest gift. A joyful celebration of life in it's fullness while we are in these bodies, here and now, with the stars guiding us all home.


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