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White Sage (Salvia apiana), also called Sacred Sage or Bee Sage, is a desert shrub native to the American Southwest and Mexico. The dried leaves have a sweet, slightly astringent aroma. Sage is traditionally used in Native American medicine and shamanic practice. White Sage is renowned for its healing, benevolent energy. The scent calms the mind and purifies the body. Sage smoke is believed to have the power carry prayers to the heavens, to remove spirits, and cleanse ritual space. Continue a tradition of healing and blessings with this remarkable plant!


  • Each set includes a 1.75" mini abalone shell and loose white sage leaves
  • Dimensions: 3"x4" reclosable bag.

California White Sage Leaves & Mini Abalone Set

  • How to use Sage Leaves

    • Place some sage leaves on abalone shell or on a heat-proof container
    • Fan/lightly blow out any open flames so that the leaves slowly smolder.
    • Direct the fragrant, cleansing smoke around a room or towards a person or objects
    • Of course, never leave burning smudges unattended.


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