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The extra querent cards is an optional add-on and DOES NOT include the Cute Little Lenormand deck. 


Some people like to read spreads with extra querent cards along with existing ones, and some people prefer using only the traditional 2 querent cards. This expansion pack was created to supplement readings and make the deck more immediately inclusive for LGBTQIA+ readers and querents. If you prefer using only 2 querent cards, you can substitute out the cards for same gender readings.


The extra querent card pack includes:

  • 28. The Lady - a variant of card no. 29, the Lady
  • 29. The Gentleman - a variant of card no. 28, the Gentleman
  • 28. The Querent - a non-gendered significator card to represent the querent
  • 29. The Lover - a non-gendered significator card to represent the querent's partner or object of affection
  • a mini booklet with suggestions for incorporating these cards into your existing deck

Cute Little Lenormand Extra Querent Cards

  • Meet the Creator, Sara M. Lyons

    Sara M. Lyons is an artist/illustrator and self-proclaimed pro weirdo from Southern California.

    Her cute, sleazy, silly, girly artwork is inspired by everything from old Archie comics and vintage pinup illustrations to campy b-movies and her favorite punk rock songs. She enjoys drawing cute animals, creepy things, sexy ladies, girly stuff, junk food, and various vices.


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