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Detailed guidebook filled with 137 pages of insight and interpretations written by Sara M. Lyons, just to accompany the Cute Little Lenormand (sold separately).


Inside the guidebook, you'll find all kinds of info - the history of the lenormand, descriptions and combinations for all 36 cards, tips for reading 3- and 9-card spreads and the complete Grand Tableau, and journaling pages in the back!

Cute Little Lenormand Guidebook

  • Meet the Creator, Sara M. Lyons

    Sara M. Lyons is an artist/illustrator and self-proclaimed pro weirdo from Southern California.

    Her cute, sleazy, silly, girly artwork is inspired by everything from old Archie comics and vintage pinup illustrations to campy b-movies and her favorite punk rock songs. She enjoys drawing cute animals, creepy things, sexy ladies, girly stuff, junk food, and various vices.