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The Ember + Aura Tarot: Awakening Edition is a channeled work of 79 hand-painted illustrations, infused with the energy of Mary Magdalene, Christ Consciousness, and Lemurian Love Frequencies. Its creation was entirely unintentional and unplanned. Rather, she emerged unexpectedly as the artist was in the process of reprinting the original Ember + Aura Tarot Deck in late 2019.


The Awakening Deck is an invitation to fearlessly acknowledge the inward messages and wisdom you have been receiving. Especially for those who are hesitant to cross the threshold into Higher Consciousness, She will be the hand that guides you.


  • 79 oracle-sized tarot cards with metallic rose edging 
  • Extra card: Awakening Angel Card
  • Includes a guidebook

Ember + Aura Tarot: Awakening Edition

  • Meet the Creator, Jamie Richardson

    Jamie Richardson, has always had a deep connection with the Divine Feminine. Already a devoted student of Jungian dreamwork and Christian mysticism, she was one day introduced to tarot and it immediately became a vital component of her daily practice. She learned the art under the guidance of a Jungian analyst and has been reading for 5 years.


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