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A Deck for Connecting To Nature & Creativity. For the wonder-seeking creative soul. The poet. The artist. The eternal child.


Wonder-walking is tremendously healing. It slows us down and urges us to see the magic in our everyday. It reconnects us to the world around us and awakens our creativity. The Deck of Wonder-Wakling is a map of 48 cards organized into 4 Suits – one for each of the 4 Labyrinth Realms, loosely correspond to Jungian and Alchemical systems (by accident actually, which is why they’re archetypal). Each word prompt is carefully selected to capture the magic moments behind each painting and spark ideas for adventure.


This is a map of all the cards and how they fit in the Labyrinth of Enchantment. If you look closer, you’ll notice that the cards subtly transform in color from one Realm to another. From fresh greens and blues to deep indigos and greys. The colors by itself is a symbolic language all its own.


The Four Realms

Wonder & Curiosity: The Physical Realm (Sensing, Earth/Material)

Magic-Making: The Creative Realm (Intuition, Fire/Passion)

Truth-Finding: The Inner Realm (Feeling, Water/Unconscious)

Secret Garden: The Influence Realm (Thinking, Air/Intellect)


Use these oracle-style walking cards to inspire your walk in nature, in city streets, in your neighborhood park. Each card in the deck is an invitation to look closer and immerse deeper, not only in the sense of a place, but also to know ourselves in it. How we belong. How it makes us feel. How it heals. They are archetypal, as all wonder-making experiences are, so you can use them for divination, and as journaling and painting prompts to connect the physical to the primordial.


How to use the deck

  • Shuffle deck and pull a card to inspire your walk. Be prepared to notice the world around you with fresh eyes!



  • 48 Walking Cards in Matte velvet finish
  • Card size: Approximately 2.75″ x 4.75″
  • Comes in a beautiful rigid magnetic box with a full-color Pocket Field Guide included

A Deck for Wonder-Walking

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  • Meet the Creator, Amy T. Won

    Amy T. Won is an artist, nature-lover and storyteller creating painted symbolic stories of my wonder-filled adventures. Her mission is to help others find themselves through a deeper, more spiritual connection with their physical world.