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The Destiny Deck is intended for anybody to use, whether it is for daily affirmation and insight for yourself or when doing a reading for someone else. It was designed to make this practice of interpreting and understanding tarot more approachable.


The art of reading Tarot can be very intimidating and take years and years of practice. This deck allows you to use the symbolism and graphics on the cards, as well as your intuition, to give a clear and detailed reading for yourself or anyone.

The astrological symbol associated with each card is artfully incorporated into the designs. Using your own internal guidance along with the artwork on each card, one can formulate relevant clues about its significant meaning. For instance, you will find symbols of the four elements as they pertain to the understanding of the card as well as key words that help create the story that unfolds during each reading.





  • 78 Cards + 2 Bonus Cards (Goddess Cards) 
  • Card Size: 70mm x 120 mm
  • Highest quality gold foil used on front of cards and on card edges
  • Printed in superior, heavy weight card stock
  • Features a beautiful and susual satin-velvety finish
  • Housed in a custom 2-part box

Destiny Deck 🇺🇸

  • Meet the Creator, Lisa Santine

    Lisa Santine is an architect, an interior designer, an artist. She is also an empath, an intuitive, an artist, an astrologer, a tarot card reader, a crystal collector, and most importantly, a believer that if you do anything with passion and love, it will not only inspire others, but it will help make the world a more beautiful place.


    She has worked in Architecture and Interior Design for a lot of her adulthood. She has designed residences that have won awards and have been in several publications. Now, she has decided to pursue a long cherished dream. After many years of developing her skills in Astrology and Tarot, she decided to create her passion project and bring it to reality.


    She believes we are all here to serve a purpose, and she has found hers. It didn’t come easy to her. After a series of very significant life-altering events that started in August of 2017, she grew stronger and stronger in her own spiritual practice. And this lead her to the exact place she is right now. It has taken her several years to bring everything to fruition and introduce the world to her connection with the spiritual world. She is so excited to share her passion with you. Her goal is to spread love, joy and truth throughout the world. We are powerful in who we are when we are guided by our truth and love. And together, we can create the life we were incarnated to live.