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inchoate (adj.)

1. just begun
2. formless, disordered or incoherent

Inchoate Tales is a darkly whimsical deck of poker cards brimming with a chaotic collection of ink drawings, each with their own seed of a story to tell.

Whatever game you choose to play with your deck, your experience will be uniquely peppered with hoarding rats, broken bones, key-clutching crows, forbidden books, deadly daggers, and disruptive snakes.

Rachel Logan has created 54 monochrome illustrations with India ink and ink brush pen. Each card has a distinctive character of its own within the deck - together they form an anarchic anthology tied together through style and unruliness!



  • 54 sure slip textured poker cards with a linen finish, for easy shuffling
  • The box has a soft texture to it and feels beautiful to the touch

Inchoate Tales Playing Cards 🇬🇧

  • Meet the Creator, Rachel Logan

    "I draw cats and weird things. I can't help it, it just happens."

    Rachel Logan is an illustrator based in Aberdeen, UK. A couple of years ago she started out selling greetings cards of her own design on Etsy, and is now transitioning into offering prints of her art, and stickers and the like. She creates all of the illustrations in her shop, usually with ink and watercolour; occasionally with pencil; and the computer gets a go every once in a while.

    She enjoys coming up with new illustrations, and you can follow her on Instagram @rachillu to keep up to date with her doodlings.