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This is the 3rd edition of The Madam Clara Sees All Fortune Teller Tarot — with a heavy card-stock, premium linen finish for excellent shuffling (comparative to Bicycle playing cards) and sharper, richer colors! The edges are now gilded for a luxury finish and the back design is reimagined in rich, vibrant red and gold with a metallic finish.

Fate, Destiny, Fortune! Inspired by vintage Tarot, this unique deck includes neat little fortunes based on the meaning of each card, allowing quick 1-card readings. The fortunes read in the direction of the card, so the upright meaning is right side up, while the reversed fortune is upside down.

This is a full 78-card deck, plus 2 extra cards. Designs are original illustrations and compositions by Madam Clara and reflect the symbolism behind the Rider-Waite deck, with new and interesting design interpretations.  


  • Card size is 2.75" x 4.75" standard tarot.
  • Includes matching custom all-seeing-eye pouch.
  • See the full deck at here

Madam Clara Sees All Fortune Teller Tarot (3rd Edition)

  • Meet the Creator, Madam Clara


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