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Terra Qi Goddess Oracle is a celebration of Feminine Divinity alchemised with the majesty of planet Earth and Empyrean planes.


Goddesses are the carriers of life and the bearers of wisdom, their energy is eternally bound to Earth and serves as the connection between the tangible existence we are living and the transcendent place where our spirits reside. Each of us has incarnated in this timeline to fulfil our souls’ karmic lessons and add our own unique learning experiences to the universal knowledge well.


These cards are a tool for you to align energetically with source and receive guidance, in a form your soul responds best.



  • 44 Cards in 350GSM card-stock, weighty but easy to shuffle and wont crease/bend easily
  • 50-page bound Guidebook containining a channeled message from each Goddess. Adding a layer of depth, insight and loving guidance from Spirit
  • Gold foiled highlights on front and back of the cards
  • Soft touch "rose petal" laminate - feels like velvet!
  • Magnetic flip storage box

Terra Qi Goddess Oracle 🇦🇺

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  • Meet the Creators, Leah Shoman & Paige

    Leah Shoman

    Leah is a crystal healer and the owner of Dark Moon Crystals, a shop for magical tools. She travelled around the globe to capture moments of experience, which she connected with themes of the Tarot and used them as background photography for The Dreamweaver Tarot. She also worked with Paige from Prism + Fleur on the Terra Qi Goddess Oracle.



    Ever since Paige can remember, she has been in love with all things intuitive & ethereal - the dreamy, symbolism heavy aesthetic of her work reflects her internal world.


    Since establishing Prism + Fleur in 2014 She has had the pleasure of collaborating with a variety of businesses and individuals - each one of them with so much unique vision and passion - She approaches designing for them with the intention of encompassing the essence of their brand or personality and portray this through an identity that evolves with their vision. 


    She calls Sydney, Australia home base, but her passion for exploring foreign countries, ancient practices and cultures allows her to collect inspiration and imagery from so many high vibe places to incorporate into every piece of work she pours her heart into.