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The Apprentice Tarot is the study tarot deck designed to help you learn while also feeling involved with the cards. Each of the 78 cards includes upright and reversed definitions, elemental correspondences, suit keywords, and color-coded borders, in a minimally obtrusive design leaving space for bold images to aid in memorization and sense of involvement during the reading.


  • cards are printed on 350gsm cardstock
  • comes in a sturdy box

The Apprentice Tarot

  • Meet the Creator, Germ

    Germ is a tarot reader and a DIY enthusiastic living in Richmond, VA. She has always enjoyed helping people get involved in things she thinks are cool, and this deck is ultimately an outgrowth of that aspect of herself.

    She has been involved in the divination and spiritual community for the past couple years, and teaching is really what brings her joy.


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