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Awaken the Senses with this Blood Moving, Heart Opening, Tonic for Deep Connection and Sensual Pleasure.


Specifically designed for drinking. Melt in a saucepan or blend with hot water or nut milk for the ultimate medicinal tonic. 


To be enjoyed alone or with a lover, each disc contains enough cacao for two strong medicinal tonics or 4 mild doses.


Active Ingredients

  • Rose treats the nerves, and lifts the spirit. With an affinity for the heart and blood, rose reduces inflammation and nourishes digestion. A powerful reproductive herb, rose increases semen in Men and is often used to treat gynaecological disorders such as endometriosis and fibroids in Women. A beautiful herb to connect to and activate your heart chakra
  • Cinnamon is a powerful herb used to increase circulation and push blood outwards towards cold extremities. Another gynaecological herb, its antispasmodic properties are used to relax and calm painful or heavy periods
  • Cayenne pepper is a fiery tonic used to increase blood flow and digestive insufficiency. Much like cinnamon, it reduces inflammation and pushes clean, oxygenated blood to the joints and extremities. A powerful ally of Cacao, Cayenne was a crucial ingredient in traditional Mayan recipes as it increases the bioavailability of Cacao and its active constituents
  • Cacao is one of the most nutrient-rich foods in the world. An aphrodisiac, an immune builder, a vascular strengthener, a hormone balancer, cacao works on every system of the body. It contains over 300 different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as unique MAO inhibitors which promotes heightened levels of serotonin to circulate in the brain

The Cacao Club Ceremonial Grade Cacao (Pleasure & Intimacy)

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  • Meet the Creator, Jordan Cohayney

    Jordan Cohayney, the founder of The Cacao Club, is a certified medical herbalist and naturopath who's mission is to help people connect to their bodies and to the earth in order to find deeper meaning and fulfilment.

    "A major catalyst for starting The Cacao Club was out of frustration with my patients who wouldn't take the herbal prescriptions I was making for them. Not because they didn't believe they would work, but because they didn't like the taste or couldn't establish a routine and would end up forgetting."

    A firm believer in integrative medicine, Jordan merged her clinical knowledge with her passion for plant spirit medicine, shamanism and alternative therapies to create a holistic offering that encourages people to become their own healers.

    "When we learn to listen and trust in the wisdom and healing power of nature, vary rarely do we need to look outside of ourselves for answers. Everything we need to heal and thrive is provided for us - Cacao is beautiful reminder of that."