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Sample all 4 varieties of The Cacao Club's ceremonial grade Cacao Tonics. Perfect for those starting out or wanting to deepen their relationship with ceremonial cacao. 


Each box contains:

  •  1 x 60g Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to enhance Brain Power & Focus
  •  1 x 60g Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to support Peaceful Sleep
  •  1 x 60g Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to reduce Stress & Anxiety
  •  1 x 60g Ceremonial Cacao Tonic to awaken Pleasure & Intimacy 


Specifically designed for drinking. Melt in a saucepan or blend with hot water or nut milk for the ultimate medicinal tonic.


Each disc contains enough cacao for two strong medicinal tonics or 4 mild doses.

The Cacao Club Ceremonial Grade Cacao Sampler

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  • Meet the Creator, Jordan Cohayney

    Jordan Cohayney, the founder of The Cacao Club, is a certified medical herbalist and naturopath who's mission is to help people connect to their bodies and to the earth in order to find deeper meaning and fulfilment.

    "A major catalyst for starting The Cacao Club was out of frustration with my patients who wouldn't take the herbal prescriptions I was making for them. Not because they didn't believe they would work, but because they didn't like the taste or couldn't establish a routine and would end up forgetting."

    A firm believer in integrative medicine, Jordan merged her clinical knowledge with her passion for plant spirit medicine, shamanism and alternative therapies to create a holistic offering that encourages people to become their own healers.

    "When we learn to listen and trust in the wisdom and healing power of nature, vary rarely do we need to look outside of ourselves for answers. Everything we need to heal and thrive is provided for us - Cacao is beautiful reminder of that."