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The Modern Goddess Oracle Deck is a totally unique, super-witchy 77-card deck! It's a modern twist on traditional witchcraft. Each card explores the energies of each magical tool, witchy holiday, or natural element and how you can use the energy to overcome obstacles and get guidance on your modern problems!

The 77 witchy watercolor designs are printed on premium card stock with a beautiful soft matte finish.

The guidebook that goes along with this deck includes card meanings as well as information on how to call in the quarters, how to scry, what candle colors to use for different intentions, and so much more. This deck can be used for divination, but it’s also meant to be a tool to teach you more about magic and deepen your spiritual practice.


Each deck will be charged with moon energy the night before I ship these out to you. I want you to feel that beautiful moon energy the moment you open up the box.

  • 77 of oracle cards printed on premium 350 weight paper with a smooth matte finish
  • includes a guidebook of meanings and witchy teachings
  • includes an altar cloth to wrap your cards in
  • Deck flip-through video:

The Modern Goddess Oracle Deck

  • Meet the Creator, Julie Hopkins

    Julie Hopkins is an Atlanta-based writer, deck creator, yoga teacher, and founder of Power Within, a whimsical online space created to help others improve their lives with magic.


    Julie discovered the world of magic after she got tired of reading personal development books and hearing the same ideas over and over. Looking for a new way to grow, Julie started experimenting with tarot cards and felt an immediate connection to her intuition in a way she’d never experienced before. After that, she began studying magic in all its forms, never looking back.


    Julie has also created several magical courses and numerous articles for the high-traffic magical website, The Traveling Witch in the areas of tarot, crystals, intention-setting, and other magical studies. She has taught yoga, meditation and breathwork classes around the US, including the east coast, the midwest, and the far north in the backcountry of Alaska. Julie graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She created Power Within because she is passionate about helping others live their best lives the magical way.


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