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The White Fox Oracle is a 50-card oracle deck with very simple and colored symbols. It took roots in Sabine Cazassus's very own imagination, myths and everyday life (social media, video games, public transports, spiritual awareness, etc.)


Sabine created this oracle to share simple keys where you can use your intuition to weave your own language and personal meanings into them. That's the reason why there is no number nor words on the cards. It's meant to remove prescribed meanings for an open dialogue with yourself/your guides/ whatever makes sense to you.


This oracle is like a trusted friend, a familiar, that can go everywhere with you. It's tiny, just the right size: a poker size. You can tuck it in your pocket or your bag. It's not precious. It's meant to be used and worn out!


  • 50 poker-sized cards (63mm x 88mm)
  • 310 gsm card stock with matte finishing
  • Colorful trimmed edging
  • Cards are held in a tuck box

White Fox Oracle

  • Meet the Creator, Sabine Cazassus

    Sabine Cazassus is a wanderer and an illustrator for children's books and oracle decks. She also loves playing pixel art indie games, watching the rain, counting clouds and hugging trees.


    She works for several publishers including: HarperCollins, Nathan, Fleurus, Little Carrot Feather, Pandacraft, and Ankama. Her work has been recognized in publications such as the CFSL Artbook, and Ballistic Publishing | EXPOSED.