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A complete Star Wars themed Tarot Deck featuring individual art on all 78 cards.

The creator drew this deck in early 2017 (feel free to try and pinpoint exactly when based on the promo picture from The Last Jedi that managed to inspire a card months before she actually got to see the movie) and it focuses on the Star Wars Episodes, so don't expect any references to the books/video games/ spin off movies or the holiday special (though there's a pretty subtle Rogue One reference in there to keep an eye out for).

May the Force be with you.



  • Housed in a plain, white tuck box
  • Comes with a small 22 page booklet describing each card's meaning


NOTE: The packaging and booklet are simple not of high quality. The art and the cards itself are what makes this deck special

Star Wars Tarot 🇺🇸

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