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A complete 78-card tarot deck featuring lush and whimsical watercolor illustrations, inspired by Art Nouveau and Japanese folklore.


"Botan" in Japanese (written 牡丹) means "peony", which is the flower prominently featured on the back design of the tarot deck as well as on several cards. In Japanese flower language, peonies represent bravery. Botan is also a play on the word "botanical", as the creator uses Japanese flower language and other plant imagery throughout the deck.


The deck has a linen finish come with Metallic Light Gold edges, and it comes with a full-color guide booklet of simple interpretations for the cards and a beautiful drawer box. A gold ribbon makes for a delightful unboxing experience (the ribbon is not permanently attached, if you wish to recycle it for another purpose, or use a dot of glue to fix it to the back of the drawer).


(Optional Add-on) The Botan Tarot Anthology Zine gives an in-depth look at the imagery and meaning behind the creator's artwork, notes on the cultural references within the cards, as well as short stories written for the Minor Arcana. Though the deck can be enjoyed without the zine, it is a companion piece that provides context for each card’s artwork. Also makes a great purchase for those who aren’t into tarot but simply want to enjoy the artwork!


Deck Specs

  • Cards measure 2.75" by 4.75"
  • 310gsm black core cardstock with linen finish and rounded corners


(Optional) Zine Specs

  • A4 size (210 × 297 millimeters, or 8.27 × 11.69 inches)
  • In full color to best highlight the artwork

The Botan Tarot (Light Gold Version)

Deck & Bundle Options
  • Meet the Creator, Addi Miyako

    Addi Miyako is based in the beautiful Bay Area in Northern California. She draws inspiration from nature, Japanese folklore, and the feminine.

    When not creating art, she enjoys singing, traveling, and trying new foods.


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