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The Gentle Heart Tarot is simply here to support and bring to the surface the truths that you subconsciously are already aware of; making you fully conscious of your inner strength and resilience against adversity and self-doubt. Allow this deck to be a constant reminder of how beautiful your gentle heart is. The world is already aware of this truth; but are you?



  • Magnet Box With Ribbon and Rose Gold Details
  • 78 Tarot Cards With Rose Gold Sides
  • Guidebook With 98 Pages and Rose Gold Sides


Bundle Option (OPTIONAL - save S$20!)

The Gentle Heart Tarot (bundle option w/ The Pastel Journey Tarot) 🇨🇭

PriceFrom $72.00
  • Meet the Creator, Vanessa Somuayina

    Vanessa Somuayina, the founder of lifestyle brand Beau Life, is a Swiss serial entrepreneur, content creator and tarot card reader. During her previous years of experience being an entrepreneur, surrounding herself with crystals at all times, Vanessa had the idea to turn her passion of helping other people create beautiful lives for themselves into a business: Beau Life was created.


    Beau Life translates to 'Beautiful Life'. These two words says everything you need to know about the brand - Bringing more beauty into your life.