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This Shadow Edition deck is a revised version of the original Threads of Fate Oracle deck. The content in the booklet is the same, it is 55 cards and each card name is the same. The edging is matte gold. What is different is that the backgrounds are new/updated, many illustrations are new or edited, there are no white borders (now a foiled border). The box is now traditional rectangle instead of square. 


This deck was created by Brit, who intuitively illustrated the art work for the cards and by Blaire, who urned them into digital artwork by layering it with natural scenes in photoshop. It is created for daily use to make you feel armed to make real changes and integrate the messages from spirit + your own knowing. It challenges the user to visually and conceptually broaden their tools of engagement by finding detailed messages within both the imagery and content.


Each card contains thoughtful multi-layered messages in gender neutral language that allow you to view many facets of the same concept. The elemental cards (32 total) contain an overall message, as well as a message associated with an herb, crystal and animal ally. The throne cards are larger concepts and archetypes - while these won't have the same structure as the elementals, they will also be dynamic in the content. In addition to that, practical advice, exercises and journaling prompts are also included. 



  • 4.75โ€ x 3.25โ€
  • 400 GSM Cardstock
  • Gold Foil art on both sides on top of layered imagery
  • Velvet Matte Lamination
  • Matte Gold edging


  • 5.25โ€ x 3.75โ€
  • Matte Lamination with Gold Foil
  • Top + Bottom Box with cut out


  • Rectangle, fitting perfectly in the box on top of the tray
  • 120 pages
  • Gold Foil artwork on the front

Threads of Fate Oracle (Shadow Edition) ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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  • Meet the Creators, Brit June & Blaire Porter


    Most people that know Brit will describe her as someone who has a knack for everything. Art? Duh. Food? Duh Unprecedented ability to turn shitty ingredients into an amazing meal. Embroidery? Mastered it on her first try.


    As a multi-talented human, she is never short of amazing ideas. She has worked in fashion, the service industry, on cannabis farms and has done extensive menu creation for restaurants and personal clients. She currently holds the position as Director of Business Development & Operations for ParagonCoin - a startup that is on the cutting edge of cannabis and blockchain technology with it's own cryptocurrency. As one would imagine, this gives her some very adult responsibilities, #BIZNASS.

    In her free time, you can find her reading (or more likely asking Blaire to read to her), drawing, watching documentaries on icebergs, creating her own cannabis based herbal medicine and adventuring.



    In her adult life, Blaire has dabbled in a bit of everything: bartending, coaching, teaching, non-profit development, research, real estate and retail. Nothing felt right until she launched her own business to support others in their personal development. Combining spirituality, psychology and body-work, her biggest passion is in guiding others through their rebirths. 

    She loves crime + supernatural TV, wildcrafting, researching all things health, long walks in the woods, loafing on the floor, lovingly tormenting her fur babies and diving into endless self-psychoanalysis. She will often tell people her life had two possible paths: this one - where she is working to support others or as an ol' lady in a biker gang. Because of her past in (and fascination with) the underbelly of society, she lives by the Carl Jung quote: "the paradox is one of our most valued spiritual possessions." In unearthing our shadow, we can find freedom.