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There are many wonderful people out there helping others cultivate mindfulness, explore spirituality and find inner strength for transformation... sharing a few personal favorites here in case they can help you too!

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Joyful Momentum

Women Coaching

Joyful Momentum is a programme that aims to enlighten women about the beauty of their hormones & cyclical energy. Learn to tap into your unique rhythm, nourish your body at all four phases and sync your life to your cycle for more energy, happiness & sustainable success.

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Mindful Space

Parent & Child Space

An umbrella system that conducts various parenting, parent & child, yoga and well-being programmes or workshops.  


"holistic & inclusive space to empower parent & child with life skills - mind (IQ), body (PQ), emotions & behaviour (EQ)"

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Meditation Center

SPACE 2B is more than just a meditation studio – they aim to inspire and empower people in awakening to a life of authenticity, creativity, aliveness and purpose through live simply.

They have interesting classes like Third Eye Meditation and Shamanic Journeying.

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Fiona Healer

Healer & Yoga Instructor

Fiona is my Reiki Master. Aside from being a Reiki Master, she is also a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, an Akashic Record Reader, an Angel Card Reader, and a channelling practitioner.

Fiona is currently residing in Bali, where she is focusing on her healing practices, but she also provides her services online via her website.

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