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Our Story

I have always been curious about the new age and spirituality. Perhaps my spirit guides were urging me along this journey, because it turns out that my mom-in-law is a tarot reader and clairvoyant! Once I started my journey, I find myself surrounded by mentors who have helped me along the way.

Love.Magic.Sparkles started as a personal development journal on Facebook and Instagram. As I started collecting Tarot & Oracle decks, I discovered so many stunning decks self-published by talented artists. Indie decks already tend to be more expensive than commercial decks, and international shipping fees make them even less accessible in Singapore (and Asia in general), where I live.

From there, I decided to bring in a curated selection of indie tarot & oracle decks, and other *magical* things I love, so people in Singapore can buy them without paying expensive shipping fees, while supporting indie artists and craftsmen by helping spread their work to Asia.... and that was how Love.Magic.Sparkles started.

- Lori -

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