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A note for someone just starting their spiritual journey

If you are new to Tarot reading, aura cleansing and other spiritual things, you may be wondering about how to get started and want to know all the details about it, so you can do it the right way. Hopefully this blog post can help you gain some perspective.

Understanding spirituality

First of all, I would like to make a disclaimer that this post and all my blog posts are merely my opinion. If it helps you, great. If you don't agree, no worries.

Spirituality and all the rituals with it is very much like religious beliefs (even though I don't think spirituality is a religion. You can be spiritual and not religious, or be both at the same time). It is something that requires faith because it's not as tangible as something like mathematics. Of course, there are those who are blessed (e.g. psychics) with extraordinary experiences that make the concepts more tangible. You may also have heard of stories about people who saw God or experienced something that solidified their faith in their religion.

There are many school of thoughts out about what and how you should do spiritual things. Some people shuffle card until one falls out, some pick a random one with their left hand, and some just shuffle and pick from the top of the pile.... so which one is correct? This must be really frustrating for beginners to learn. If you think about religion, it's the same. Some Christians believe in abstinence before marriage, some done. Some Muslims believe that dogs are unpure and are scared of them, but some love dogs. Some Buddhist are vegetarians, yet some aren't. Do you believe in a higher being? How about the concept of Heaven and Hell? How do you know what if you beliefs are correct? That's right, you probably won't know for sure, but you go with what feels right for you *insert faith*. If you're someone who needs hard proof, then I suspect you're probably not religious nor spiritual, and you wouldn't be interested in Tarot, crystals and other things I have to offer.

I compared spirituality and religion to help you better understand one point:

There's no right way... Let your intuition guide you and define your own spiritual belief.

If you were looking for a specific blueprint/formula, I'm sorry to have broken this news to you. I hope you will not be discouraged, but will look within yourself to find the answer. Spirituality is a journey and something to be experienced, and it's constant learning. You may find that your beliefs evolve over time as you further into your spiritual journey, and that's completely ok.

In my experience, the harder you try, the more difficult it becomes. I know this is annoying to hear. It reminds me of people telling couples who are trying to conceive to just don't think about it, and it will happen. It is probably easier said than done, and can seem completely unhelpful to someone who is trying... but so it is. Don't give your self added pressure, just take it as an experience. Keep your mind and heart open, and let everything unfold slowly during your journey of discovery.

Be kind to yourself, give yourself time and don't rush. Keep your mind and heart open, and let everything unfold slowly.

So there goes my post. I hope my analogy helped you put things into perspective and feel less confused/frustrated by all the different opinions out there. After all, everyone has their own opinion, and you should take in and filter the information to form your own view. In case you are keen to see what MY views are and how I do things, stay tuned for more blog posts from me. :)


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