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Let the Animals Guide you... This beautiful oracle deck, written and illustrated by visual artist Esther Sanchez, was created to nourish the relationship with your Higher Self by helping you create a Sacred Space in your life for reflection and gain an alternate perspective on your Life’s Journey through the wisdom of your Animal Guides.


Each stunning oracle card has a Mantra that you can come back to throughout the day to ground you and focus your intention.


  • 44 vibrant cards on high quality matte card stock

  • includes a 108-page guidebook in a hard cover box

Animal Magic Oracle Cards

  • Meet the Creator, Esther Sanchez

    Artist and author Esther Sanchez began Freebird Market as a place to showcase her creations. Her love of spirituality and connection to nature inspired her to write, illustrate and self-publish the children’s book "The Glass Garden" and the oracle cards deck "Animal Magic Oracle Cards". Stay tuned for new projects in the works!


    Freebird was named after her dog Bobbi a free-spirited little creature who is a daily reminder to live in the moment.