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Product Description


The Cute Cat Tarot is a tarot deck created by two sisters, Shela and Sonia, who live across the world from each other. Fueled by their love of cats as well as passion to create something magical and special that celebrate the cuteness of cats all over the world.

This 79-card deck will include the classic 22 major arcana, 56 minor arcana, and a bonus card.



  • Card Size: 70mm x 121mm (2.75" x 4.75")
  • Card Stock: 350 GSM Standard Smooth Art Paper
  • Holographic foil gilded-edges
  • Comes in a book-shaped box magnetic clasp

Cute Cat Tarot

  • Meet the Creators, Shela and Sonia

    The Cat Oracle is a company started by sisters, Shela and Sonia. Shela is based in Minneapolis and Sonia is based in Jakarta. Together, they create cute things that will bring more joy to your life!