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Healers of the Earth is a 73-card deck created especially for earth sensitives, nature lovers, and those interested in personal and planetary healing. The cards are grouped into categories of 8 cards each and one extra card (Card 0). Categories include: Air and Atmosphere, Land and Earth, Fire and Smoke, Water and Rain, Ice and Snow, Industry and Technology, Purification and Release, Spiritual Hygiene, and Health and Healing. It also comes with a 200 page guidebook.


The boxes for the cards were created using recycled paper products and the books have been printed through an environmental print-on-demand service. The cards were printed using soy-based eco-friendly inks on FSC Certified Paper (forest friendly). For every deck sold, one dollar is donated to plant a tree through


  • 73 matte-laminated cards with silverish grey, matte gilding; 350 gsm card stock
  • 200 page guidebook including both upright and reversed meaning for each card
  • Boxes are made of recycled cardboard. The inserts that originally came with each box were too small to fit the card decks, so they've been removed and the boxes have been re-purposed (there may be imperfections), and replaced with with a linen pouch. Being an environmentalist, the creator didn't wish to throw out perfectly good boxes.

Healers of the Earth Oracle

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  • Meet the Creator, Mandy Peterson

    Mystic Mandy (aka Mandy Peterson) is a psychic visionary, empath and EFT practitioner. She is also the author of the book I Am the Lotusm, Not the Muddy Pond: Achieving Peace Through Non-Conformity, and a regular columnist for Bellesprit Magazine and Om Times.

    In the past, she hosted her own psychic radio show on CBS Sky Radio called Voice of Empowerment. As an artist and graphic designer, she also designed the covers for Bellesprit and Shesique Magazine.