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Go on a journey as the Sacred Bee travels from one colorful experience to another. The Journey Of The Sacred Bee is a 78-card Tarot deck with imagery and symbolism designed to enhance your intuition as you read the Tarot.


The creator, Kelly Burton, had been reading about how the bees are considered THE most important species on the planet and how we humans are endangering them to the brink of extinction. They are simply disappearing. She began looking at their anatomy, proportions, and how they have evolved into the species that pollinates the world - including much of the human food supply. As she began sketching some bees, she saw some amazing similarities with sacred geometry patterns and overlaid a bee image onto the flower of life and a human face. At that moment she remembered the interconnectedness of us all and my journey to create this deck began.


Over the month that followed the deck just poured through her and in 30 days, she had a first pass at the entire 78-card deck. It was at that point that she felt the deck needed to be shared so she began planning a crowdfunding campaign.


As a gesture of gratitude for the importance of Bees in our lives and for the inspiration, for giving me for the deck, a portion of the profits will be donated to The Bee Conservancy.




  • 78 cards, measuring 3" x 5" printed on 350gsm white core paper stock, with a matte finish, and teal gilded edging
  • The guidebook is 100 pages with spreads, card descriptions, and journaling prompts
  • The box is a sturdy, fold-over, magnetic box, printed inside and out with a ribbon insert to lift the cards out easily
  • A portion of the profits will be donated to The Bee Conservancy

Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot (2nd Edition) 🇺🇸

PriceFrom $69.00
  • Meet the Creator, Kelly Burton

    Kelly Burton is  a Tarot reader, graphic designer, and humble deck creator living in Boulder Colorado with her Husband and two dogs. She loves reading Tarot and loves creating decks.


    The Bees are so important to all of us and need to be heard. This is just one of many channels. With this her tarot and oracle decks, she hopes is to deepen the connection with divination and welfare of the bees.