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Handmade cement moon dish with 24k gold foil. Perfect for your trinkets, jewelry, crystals, sage burning, or as desk decor.


  • Measures 5” x 3” 
  • Made out of cement
  • Can be used for smudging as well


*NOTE: due to being hand-made and the nature of the concrete, they will all vary slightly. Some will have more “moon craters” than others

Luna Goddess 24k Gold Foil Moon Dish

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  • Meet the Creator, Paola Wolff

    Paola Wolff is the owner of Lunastry. She’s a mother of two, crystal obsessed, Libra, INFJ, born in Honduras and raised in The Bronx, New York City. Currently residing in Danbury CT with her significant other. Her ancestral roots come from the mayan culture in Honduras, central America.  She is also the founder, creator and owner of 


    Paola's children are the magic and joy behind Lunastry. They enjoy helping momma with inventory and fulfilling orders. Aviana is 7 years old, she especially enjoys helping with vendor shows. Evan is 11, he’s into science and video games. 


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