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*Please note that the crystal included has changed from Selenite to Rutilated Quartz going forward!


The New Moon emanates energies of new beginnings, new opportunities for starting over, a great time to plant your seeds and create new intentions. The New Moon is a reminder about what we are capable of achieving and manifesting anything we want and a reminder that with each New Moon we have a new opportunity to reach that dream. 


These New Moon crystal candles are poured only during the New Moon´s Influence and feature an in house signature blend of Dark Mus, Amber, and Geranium by The Astral Boutique.


  • Intentions: Transformation - New Beginnings - Renewal - Unblocking
  • Crystal: Selenite
  • Herbs: Hibiscus
  • Candle Magick: Black is a powerful color in astrology and magic, and a candle of such color influences self-control, patience, endurance, and protection



  • Made from 100% Organic and Kosher Certified Soy Wax, Phthalate-free fragrances, Certified organic herbs, and non-toxic biodegradable glitter
  • Size: 8oz tin jar with lid
  • Burn Time: approximately 40hrs
  • Non-toxic and safe for Pets!


Selenite Magickal Properties:

  • One of the very few minerals that have the ability to quickly unblock any stuck or stagnant energy to ensure a smooth flow of positive energy through your body or also space 
  • Selenite will help you to make an important decision and will protect you from mental sabotages

Hibiscus Magickal Properties:

  • This lusty flower incites passion — use it to attract love or lust, or for prophetic dreams. Attracting love and lust, divination, and dreams. 


Candle Magick Properties:

  • Black is a powerful color in astrology and magic, and a candle of such color influences self-control, patience, endurance, and protection

New Moon Ritual Crystal Candle 🇺🇸

  • Meet the Creator, Desiree Galindo

    Desiree Galindo launched The Astral Boutique in 2014, where she sells her handmade vegan soy wax crystal candles, infused with flowers, crystals, and magick.

  • Candle Care & Safety

    Your candles are made with love, treat them with the love they deserve by following a few safety tips and precautions to ensure you will get the best each time you use them.


    Tip #1: The first burn for a candle is very important as it holds a memory for future burns. Let the candle burn for several hours when first lit. This will allow the whole top layer of the candle to melt out to the very edges. This will form a ‘memory’ melt the next time you light the candle.


    Tip #2: For subsequent burns, trim the wick slightly to avoid black smoke. Don't trim it too short though, otherwise the candle flame will be too small to melt the top layer of wax.


    Tip #3: Try not to have frequent short burns. This will encourage the candle to tunnel. It is better to light the candle for longer and less often than for shorter lengths more frequently.


    Tip #4: If your candle has already tunnelled - Make your candle a tin foil hat and cut a hole in the top for the flame. This will allow heat to radiate down and melt the edge wax. However, this can be dangerous, so make sure to do this in an empty sink and do not leave the candle unattended. When removing the foil hat, remember it will be hot, so use a heat proof glove or tongs to remove it!


    Storing Your Candle

    Soy Candles are sensitive to temperature and light. Avoid candles from fading, cracking and melting by storing your candles in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, dust, and fluorescent light. Store your candles in an upright position and don’t leave your candles in your car on a warm day.

    • Put your candles out
    • Do not blow your candles, the liquid wax may splatter and the wick may continue to glow and emit smoke. Use a candle snuffer to prevent wicks from drifting off center. Do not extinguish your candle with the lid.
    • Don´t pour wax down the sink
    • Avoid exposure to drafts, papers or plants
    • Always place on a stable, level and heat resistant surface
    • Never leave your candle unattended. Keep them away from pets and children
    • Be sure to take care near children and pets, and do not go to sleep with your candle lit