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The Arcana Iris Sacra, translated roughly from Latin as the "Mysteries of the Sacred Rainbow" is a vintage-inspired tarot deck, drawing upon the dense and complex traditions of the Golden Dawn, the Kabbalah and astrology.


The deck is based on the language of color, the tree of life, and the tradition of the Golden Dawn. 4 colors represent the 4 elements, and a rainbow represents universal energy, creating a simple framework for reading. Use the colors and their intensities to create additional layers of meaning:


  • Red - Fire: Willpower and creativity
  • Blue - Water: Emotions and habits
  • Yellow - Wind: Intellect and ideas
  • Green - Earth: Material world and sense of stability

Each card also contains a rainbow - the four colors described above - either swirling, twisting, moving or beaming - to help you understand the focus of each card and where the primal energy of that card lies.


  • 78 cards total, 22 major arcana with 56 minor arcana

  • Card size: 2.36 inches x 4.75 inches

  • Full color cards with gold foil stamping on the back

  • 350gsm high quality matte card stock

  • Gold-Gilded edges

  • Instructional foldout included

  • Click here to download the Labyrinthos companion app, which can be used to do digital spreads, look up card meanings, journal your physical readings, and take notes for future reference. The app allows you to work with any Labyrinthos deck

Arcana Iris Sacra Tarot 🇺🇸

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  • Meet the Creator, Tina Gong

    Tina Gong studied linguistics and is a self-taught front-end developer and UX designer. She is also a tarot card reader, the founder/designer/developer/creator of Labyrinthos Academy, and an alpaca lover.


    Using her savings, Tina funded the first print run of her tarot deck under the brand Labyrinthos in 2016. Growing from there, her business now includes Labyrinthos Academy, an online, app-based school that she’s built and designed to help others learn tarot, as well as a number of decks and accompanying apps that she created under the brand.