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The Green Glyphs Lenormand is 40 card Lenormand deck, designed by artist James R. Eads, to have a timeless feeling that sits somewhere between modern and vintage. There is a corresponding glyph on each card, given the deck its name.


To help beginner readers, James segmented the deck by colors. All cards that have a strong presence of gold or yellow are positive cards, while cards that are predominantly orange/brick red are unfortunate. This makes it much easier to see clusters of positive or unfortunate cards, which can help you pick up patterns and situations with much more ease than with a standard Lenormand deck.


To make the deck more inclusive, James also added four cards to the typical 36 card Lenormand deck that will allow you to swap out the Gentleman or the Lady for another Man or another Lady or a Person (or two People). If you don't feel connected to the imagery of the Cross you can opt to use the Albatross instead.


The Green Glyph Lenormand comes with a guide that includes an introduction which may help answer some of your burning questions about Lenormand, and 40 pages of card meanings and example combinations followed by a section that details how to read a Grand Tableau and instructions on how to play The Game of Hope - a multiplayer game that uses all 36 cards as a board game!


  • Printed in high quality 350gsm soft touch matte paper with bronze gilding
  • Standard playing card size (2.5 x 3.5 inches)
  • Includes an 80 page full color guidebook (measuring 4 x 6.5 inches)
  • House in a magnetic flip top paper box (measuring 4 x 7 x 1 inches)

Green Glyphs Lenormand

  • Meet the Creator, James R. Eads

    James R. Eads is a Los Angeles based surreal impressionist who explores ideas of the soul and human connection through traditional printmaking and new digital media. Like a map to a new world, his pieces act as illustrations for something unknown.


    He is greatly inspired by music, the light and the idea that maybe we’ve all been here before.


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