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Restocking in mid Dec. All prices are in Singapore dollars


The Magick and Mediums Oracle Deck is a 45 card deck introducing readers to the magick within. With fantastical art, it serves as a spiritual tool for insight and clarity. Feel free to find magick and inspiration with the Magick and Mediums Oracle Deck and its accompanying 152 page guidebook.


  • 45 original oracle cards with high quality print
  • Custom top lid bottom box with art on both the interior and exterior
  • Created by Anielle Reid and illustrated by Alicia Matthieu

(Pre-Order) Magick and Mediums Oracle

  • Meet the Creator, Anielle Reid

    Psychic medium Anielle Reid created Magick and Mediums, a publisher and podcast that strives to empower all peoples to find and use their magick.


    Since 2017, the company has been dedicated on demystifying the occult and making magical practices accessible to all. It pursues its mission by:


    • publishing oracle decks like the Magick and Mediums Oracle 
    • publishing podcast episodes that detail various magical methods and works by witchy, mind-body-spirit authors and creators
    • offering  services like mentorships and psychic-medium and card readings