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Prosperity (Money Drawing) oil has deep roots in Hoodoo traditions to increase abundance. It is used to dress altar tools, dress candles, wear as a personal fragrance, dress petitions, add to an essential oil diffuser... the application is up to you!


The oil is a sunflower oil base scented with honeysuckle among other oils that carry the energy of prosperity and abundance. There are also natural herb curios in the bottle as well as pyrite and aventurine crystals for finance and luck. The creator takes her formulations a bit further and added herbs/oils/intentions to move out obstacles that may inhibit the flow of abundance. So, this oil will work in two ways for you!



  • Dress a candle from bottom to top. Use a gold candle for finances
  • Rub a few drops on a lucky coin or a money note and keep it in your wallet
  • Rub on the bottom of your feet to walk in the power of good prosperity



  • Made with magic, aventurine, honeysuckle, sunflower oil, pyrite, herbs
  • 15ml bottle with dropper top
  • External use only

Prosperity (Money Drawing) Hoodoo Oil

  • Meet the Creator, Susan Williams

    Susan is a psychic reader. an energy worker, and a spell weaver. 


    Candle magick is Susan's passion. She can enchant a candle for almost anything area where you may need a little help.


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