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"Supra", an oracle deck in its 2nd edition printing, is loosely based on Jungian psychology and how it mingled with Gnosticism. We loved the melding of physics, psyche, and ancient knowledge in Jung’s practice that inspired an artistic leap at the dawn of the 20th Century in how Man relates to the world around him. It was a process of soul-making in an era of growing preoccupation with the Machine and a return to our mystic roots that nourish and enliven our essential selves – our identities – within the immeasurable expanse of the cosmos.   


With a world very much in play and running more and more at a machine's pace, we need objects and practices that ask us to stop, to reflect, and above all to allow us time to be human – to listen to what is in our hearts as much as what is in our minds.


This deck is also offered as part of the Uusi Trinity Bundle, which also includes 2 other Uusi's ground breaking decks: Pagan Otherworlds Tarot and Materia Prima: An Expression of Matter.





  • Dimensions: 75mm x 130mm card size
  • 56 oracle cards
  • original artwork hand-inked by Peter Dunham
  • printed on luxurious, heavy playing card stock with a linen finish
  • tuck box made from premium paper stock with an embossed and gold foil design
  • printed by The Expert Playing Card Company, New York, NY

Supra Oracle

PriceFrom $47.00
  • Meet the Creator, Peter Dunham

    Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits are established designers and artists, who have a love of traditional craftsmanship, material exploration and a search for the essential beauty in every day objects. Their passion takes them from limited edition and one-off studio work to multiple production pieces. 


    In the fall of 2010 Peter and Linnea launched Uusi, based on the idea that life is worth the meaningful effort and its reward is one of discovery. Under their creative direction, the studio looks to bring authenticity and a sense of playfulness to the work they produce for their company and for their clients. All designs at Uusi are produced either in their studio or in collaboration with small, family-owned companies in the USA who share their attention to detail and commitment to craft. 


    The studio members draw on a wide range of talents including: Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic & Interior Design, Photography and Woodworking. Along with private clients, companies they have worked with include: Herman Miller, Design Within Reach, Chronicle Books, Haworth, Sharpie, Draft FCB and Prismacolor.