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This is the pocket edition of our beloved Star Seeker Tarot deck. Compared to the original standard version, this special pocket edition is smaller in size and has differences in cardstock finish and thickness.


The Star Seeker Tarot is a 79 card deck, created to guide you on your journey towards connection, healing, intuition... and even guidance for your every-day! This is a whimsical interpretation of the classic 78 card tarot deck, with a special bonus card.


Who is the Pocket Edition for?

  • This is a great option for taking a deck on-the-go or traveling light.
  • If you like cute small things :)
  • If you have smaller hands or something like arthritis, this cardstock and size could be more comfortable for you vs. the standard version.





  • Card size: approximately 2.3in x 3.7in (60mm x 95mm)
  • Printed on high quality 300gsm art paper with glossy varnishing (they are not high-gloss, more like a semi-gloss finish), with a metallic silver with a rainbow flash (laser)
  • Compared to the standard size version, these cards are slightly thinner and have more "slip" for easy shuffling
  • Comes with a 84 page guidebook with card meanings for each card and keywords for uprights only. There is advice on how to use the deck and a short description on the Major and Minor Arcana
  • A rigid "book-style" box with a silky semi-matte finish, to hold the cards and guide book. The box has a hidden magnetic closure for security

A note from the creator
"The land, sea and sky of the Star Seekers is one of magic and mundane, bound together in a single breath. This is the land that lives within me - something in-between a parallel dimension and a fairy tale. I think for many sensitives, dreamers and healers, life is reflected in a similar, multidimensional way. Dream and reality bleed together, adding beautiful layers and depth to life. In part this deck is a reminder that the bridge between daydream and reality is shorter than we know… Other worlds that live within you have power, just as the earthly realm does. May this deck draw out the worlds within you, and blend together beautifully with this one.

I began the artwork for this deck in March of 2018 and now it’s my offering to you! You - dreamer, reader, healer, intuitive, seeker. I hope through its pages you will see pieces of your own world mirrored here. May it inspire you to be more imaginative, free and curious. Perhaps it will even remind you of worlds forgotten and of a home from another lifetime. Or maybe you just think it’s pretty or you love tarot, and that would be AWESOME, too.

So much magic went into the making of this deck, and I wish for it to touch you as it did me… what started as a creative outlet for my fantastical mind became a Spiritual journey in my waking life. As I worked on each card, the essence of it permeated my life… guiding me through the lessons and energy of the tarot itself. This deck is alive in that way. My dream is that you connect to this magic in your own special way, as you journey with the deck for yourself or with your tarot querents and clients.

Thank you for supporting my tarot deck! Blessings ~Nicky"

The Star Seeker Tarot (Pocket Edition) 🇺🇸

  • Meet the Creator, Nicky Ferrada

    Nicky is an intuitive tarot reader and the lady behind The Van Mystic. In addition to tarot reading, her loves include plant medicine, dream work, and making art.


    In the Summer of 2017, she decided to leave the corporate design world so she could focus full time on her dream of helping people, using the tarot as a guide. She also left to fix up an old van with her partner and travel the country! Without a doubt one of the best decisions she's made. After an exciting few years of travel and adventure, they decided to put down roots in the Santa Cruz mountains.


    Her style as a reader is to empower you to claim your best possible outcome. Of course, tarot is predictive in nature, but her overall objective is to give you the tools you need to shift your energy towards your highest potential and greatest good. She is not here to deliver a finite outcome and send you on your way, as she doesn’t believe anything is set in stone (outside of external events beyond our control, of course! Although even then, we get to choose how we react to and handle these events). She always say that readings are based on the energy as it is in that moment, and after you receive the reading you can choose to make different choices and shift your energy towards a different outcome. A tarot reading should leave you feeling understood and affirmed, give you a clear idea of where you are heading, and offer you tools to shape your experience for the better. That being said, her approach is direct and honest – She won’t sugarcoat the truth, but she will show you the silver lining!