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Way of the Panda Tarot is now available in an even more adorable (and portable!) version with the pocket-sized Baby Panda Edition!


This Rider-Waite-inspired deck, reimagined tarot archetypes through the perspective of pandas, vivid scenes of nature as well as elements of magical realism. Through the 78 cards of tarot (+ 1 bonus card), the pandas from the Panda Kingdom will show you how to walk the adorable Way of the Panda and just how panda-tastic your life can be.


  • 79 cards (standard 78 cards + 1 bonus “Fairy Godpanda” card)
  • Dimensions: 57mm x 88mm
  • Printed on 350 GSM matte lamination art paper cardstock
  • All tucked into a lovely top-down box with a cherry blossom pink cover, and Spot UV gloss to give it an extra panda shine!!




The Book of Panda

  • a 277-paged full length companion book for the deck to let you fully enter & explore the world of Way of the Pandas! It totally not just a bigger book of definitions and keywords, and most definitely not your average deck guidebook.
  • Every single panda you see in this deck has a name and story. Explore the Panda Kingdom and learn about great panda wizard Pandalf (Magician), how Mousey Valentine met Hercules (Strength) and many more. Plus, it comes with 30 original panda spreads, an interactive tarot visualization activity, a panda personality quiz, and other bamboozlingly pawsome stuff.


Precious Panda Paw Pouch

  • Give your Way of the Panda Deck a “sweater” to make sure it stays cozy and warm

  • Printed on 5.5 x 7 inches high quality canvas with black ink and strings - with original illustration and design by Celia Libelle + Kim


Peaceful Panda Tarot / Altar Cloth

  • Perfect for charging your readings and ritual work with an intuitive panda boost. Illustrated and designed by Celia Libelle and Kim herself, this lovely cloth is printed on 22 x 22 inches square premium cotton with eco-friendly waterbase ink.

  • Available in 2 colors: "The Zen Garden" (natural cream background + olive green ink lines) and “A Dream of Minty Green” (white background + mint green ink lines)

Way Of The Panda Tarot (Baby Panda Edition)

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  • Meet the Creator, Kimberly M. Tsan

    Kim from Fables Den loves tarot + leveling up life - and she believes that we are all meant to spread our creative wings and fly across the dreamy skies. She strives to make the world a better place through the things she expresses & creates and she always encourage (adorable cheerleader style) others to do the same!

    Other than that, she is a carefree panda with a fluffy, whimsical heart that likes to potato in front of her laptop with a cup of English Breakfast tea and annoy her orange cat with affectionate pokes. Also, she loves bubble tea. It's her soul food. If you disagree, that's fine. MORE BOBA FOR HER!


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