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Just like her big brother, Way of the Panda Tarot: Baby Panda Edition is BACK, with an epic GLOW-UP! The brand new Baby Panda Edition now has a dreamy magnetic clasp box with colorful interior design, and matte bamboo edges! And of course - the shmall but mighty Fairy Godpanda card that is exclusive to the Baby Panda Edition! 


This Rider-Waite-inspired deck, reimagined tarot archetypes through the perspective of pandas, vivid scenes of nature as well as elements of magical realism. Through the 78 cards of tarot (+ 1 bonus card), the pandas from the Panda Kingdom will show you how to walk the adorable Way of the Panda and just how panda-tastic your life can be.


If you didn't think Way of the Panda Tarot can get any cuter...the Baby Panda Edition is here to prove you wrong! With the even more adorable pocket edition, the Way of the Panda wants to cozy up with you, especially if you got small hands or not enough purse room! Take the Baby Panda Edition anywhere you go without the "deck brick" in your carry-bag, and easily shuffle the petite cards that fit in the palm of your hand. 


Like her big brother, the Baby Panda Edition has a sweet, playful and affectionate personality. When you're feeling like nothing is working out or Mercury is merciless retrograding - the baby pandas will be there to brighten up your day with their silly antics. The pandas looove to play - and they are more than excited to hang out with you and your Inner Child on a tarot fun-date!


Gentle (with a bit of spunk) but definitely honest, you can count on the baby pandas to tell you the truth, but being pandas, they can't help but give you a hug afterwards. And being baby pandas, don't be surprised when you find them pawing at your dreams and visions, "aggressively" to charge them with panda chi and major paw-sitivity! 



  • 79 cards (standard 78 cards + 1 bonus â€œFairy Godpanda” card)
  • Dimensions: 57mm x 88mm
  • Printed on 350 GSM matte lamination art paper cardstock
  • Housed in a gorgeous magnetic clasp box with a cherry blossom pink cover and spot UV treatment on the cover to give it an extra panda shine!!
  • Comes with a PDF guide that will be emailed to you separately




The Book of Panda

  • a 277-paged full length companion book for the deck to let you fully enter & explore the world of Way of the Pandas! It totally not just a bigger book of definitions and keywords, and most definitely not your average deck guidebook.
  • Every single panda you see in this deck has a name and story. Explore the Panda Kingdom and learn about great panda wizard Pandalf (Magician), how Mousey Valentine met Hercules (Strength) and many more. Plus, it comes with 30 original panda spreads, an interactive tarot visualization activity, a panda personality quiz, and other bamboozlingly pawsome stuff.


Panda Pouch (2 styles)

  • 2 styles: Precious Paw or Bamboo Moon
  • Keep your decks protected & cozy with one of Fables Den's adorable deck storage pouch!
  • The perfect snug fit to any decks at Fables Den or any standard-sized deck that you own, with some room leftover for a few small crystals or charms! 
  • 5.5 x 7.5 inches, made with high quality half-dyed canvas fabric and a sturdy cream-colored string

Way Of The Panda Tarot (Baby Panda Edition) 🇺🇸

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