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Use this spray to invite good fortune and increase prosperity in your life. Peppermint and sage bring money, wisdom and prosperity. Green Aventine attracts luck and success.


Can be sprayed on the body, throughout your sacred or everyday space.


  • Ingredients: Castor Oil, Sage essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Citrine stone, Green Aventine stone
  • 2oz Spray Bottle

Rich Witch Room + Body Spray

  • Meet the Creator, Tess Traynor

    From a young age, Tess has always loved to create things and see the magic in everything. She has been influenced heavily by her own health struggles, which made her even more focused on spirituality and natural remedies. Her passion is helping people heal, while learning to heal herself and hopefully empowering them along the way.


    She created Spellbinding to bring you quality handmade products. Her goal is to help customers feel more enlightened and become empowered. Each product is made with a specific intention for your everyday rituals and practices. 


    Trust the path unseen. Discover your magic. Become enlightened. Be empowered.


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