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The Spirit Cats Oracle deck consists of 48 inspirational cards to bring you peace, connection, and clarity. Each card has a hand-painted Spirit Cat printed on one side and a unique healing message on the other.



  • See a situation or yourself in a new light
  • Find healing during emotionally challenging times
  • Get clarity and make confident decisions
  • Connect with your dreams and desires
  • Be more playful and creative
  • Create a simple and peaceful daily ritual

Spirit Cats Oracle

  • Meet the Creator, Nicole Piar

    Intuition, dreams, and imagination fascinate Nicole. She kneels beside the river of mystery and attempt to glimpse into the depths. She brings back some of what she sees and reflects it back through her work. We can all feel alone at times. It is her quest through art and story-telling to create a bridge between her inner world and ours – to counter-balance separation with a moment of union.


    While Nicole have always felt a pull towards creativity and healing, recently she has found herself happily residing at the intersection of these two worlds. She created the Spirit Cats Deck, a 48-card inspiration deck that helps spark intuition. She also does Soul Prints which are intuitive paintings of the inner self. She teaches unique courses designed to help people know and embrace their true self, whether through art-making or working with tarot/oracle cards.


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