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Tarot Cats is a 78 card Rider Waite-based tarot deck for cat fans! So any knowledge gained from reading regular tarot will work with Tarot fan deck! Cats are unique and magical and this deck celebrates the joy they bring to the world.


Each card design was originally hand painted in watercolor and ink, so there are no digital renderings here. It was all first done by hand. The design of the box and card face is done in adobe illustrator.


The deck comes with a small pamphlet talking about the creation and inspiration for the deck and giving a little info about the artist. There is no included guidebook since the deck follows Rider Waite, the most common tarot system today. Rider Waite card meanings are widely available online and in books.


  • Each card measures 2.75 x 4.75 inches
  • Printed on glossy sturdy high quality 330gsm card stock
  • The edges are glimmering embossed gold.
  • The cards rest inside a rigid matte finish box with lower lid inner designs

Tarot Cats

  • Meet the Creator, Danielle Gundry-Monji Moyle

    Danielle, a.k.a "Dee", "Bunny" or "Bunny Dee" hails from a not so small town in central Cali, called Bakersfield. She studied illustration, tried her hand at living in NYC for 17 days and retreated back to San Francisco for a remaining 6 years.


    She worked as a bookseller at Green Apple Books and tried to explore all that the city had to offer on her salary. She moved out to Portland to try and make her small business start and has been working to reach that goal with the help of her husband Sam, and their two cat babies, Taos and Saguaro.


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