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A combined 130 card tarot and oracle super deck of all plants! The perfect choice for a plant loving tarot reader.


The deck can be used as a whole, or broken into two separate decks - a traditional tarot deck of 78 cards with the major and minor arcana, and an oracle deck of 50 cards divided into 5 suits. The tarot part of the deck follows the traditional tarot format, with 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana, divided into four suits. The suit names have been changed to for the deck:


Trees (Major Arcana)
Flowers (Cups)
Crops ( Pentacles)
Spices (Wands)
Cacti (Swords)


There are 5 additional suits that make up the oracle part of the deck. Each suit follows the same numerological patterns as the tarot deck, and is similar to having another minor arcana suit, without the court cards. There are 10 cards in each suit:








There are also two bonus cards, one for each the tarot and oracle sections, so that the number of cards added up to 130.


  • Standard tarot sized at 2.75" x 4.75" printing on 330 gsm premium card stock with an anti-scratch matte coating that make them not only scratch-proof, but soft to the touch and highly durable!
  • Includes a softcover guidebook which contains keywords for each card, as well as a description of each plant
  • Comes in a sturdy two-piece box with purple foil accents and an anti-scratch coating

The Bottanical Deck

  • Meet the Creator, Jessica Bott

    Jessica started making her first tarot deck in 2015, purely on a whim. Since then, she has not been able to stop making decks. She has a love of tarot cards, plants, and occasionally Irish dancing.


    You may find out about her creations at


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