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The Goddess Discovery Book Volume 2 is here to help you upgrade your intuition and connect with the magick of Mother Nature. Perfect for anyone looking to begin or deepen their spiritual practice.


Volume 2 is a stand-alone book that can be enjoyed without having read Volume 1. If you devoured the first volume and loved it, Volume 2 is all new content!


This book includes eight chapters and more than twenty activities! Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Mini-moon phase journal
  • Moon phase bookmark
  • Fold-out 2019 to 2021 moon phase calendar 
  • Protection crystal grid
  • 4 protection crystal cards
  • 8 spell cards
  • 4 palm reading cards
  • Mini-oracle card deck with 16 cards (p.s. card backs match V1 so that you can add these to your current collection!)
  • 4 oracle card spreads
  • 3 Magickal coloring pages and more!



  • 8.5"X11" softcover, spiral-bound book with 74 full-color pages. Pages that require cutting are perforated along the inside binding of the book to make removing them easier
  • Pages have a slight sheen to them. Coloring pages will work best with colored pencils, crayons, or sharpie markers. Gel pens will not work
  • Volume 2 costs a bit more because it's bigger than Volume 1 by about 20 pages!
  • Zenned Out owner, Cassie Uhl, hand drew the artwork for this book which was then transformed into vibrantly colorful graphics by their designer, Sydney Martenis

The Goddess Discovery Book Vol. 2 - Magick & Nature

  • Meet the Creator, Cassie Uhl

    As a creative soul from a young age, Cassie Uhl has always valued, appreciated, and loved handcrafted pieces. Her love of creativity, stargazing with her father, a deep adoration for yoga, and her grandmother’s open-minded spirit have all inspired her jewelry designs and seep into the soul of Zenned Out.


    Before launching Zenned Out, She taught art in public schools for five years. As someone with a deep desire to help young people awaken their inner artist, she found herself disheartened by the devaluation of the arts by the school systems. She wanted to catalyze change by creating something that inspired others to unleash their own artistic energy and live a life that is in line with their soul’s divine purpose. She has dedicated herself to leading by example, making a living with my art, and thriving as a creative being.


     Further, and more personally, she launched Zenned Out with the mission to create a brand that normalized spirituality in the common marketplace and offered people a space to discuss topics of spirituality freely, without fear of judgment. She believes empowerment springs from the wells of open-minded dialogue, freedom of expression, and discovery of one’s inner divine energy. She wanted Zenned Out to galvanize others to saturate the mainstream with unheard of thoughts and inspired actions, in the hopes that it would one day be “normal.”


    Zenned Out started with small beginnings, beading on the floor and stamping jewelry at my kitchen table. Now Zenned Out is run in a spacious, charming studio where we feel inspired to do our work. With so many talented others helping at Zenned Out, I am able to devote time to sharing my experience with creative entrepreneurs and supporting their growth. As with all journeys, I still have missteps, and the occasional twelve-hour work day, but I love what I do and am elated to help others find their voice and align passion, purpose, and profession.