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The Textured Tarot was created from Lisa McLoughlin's desire to make something for personal growth that is accessible to understand and fashioned in a way that felt more in keeping with her values around Nature, inclusiveness, compassion, and kindness.

With a beautiful mix of visual ideas of what it means to be human – it is an eclectic fusion of traditional, contemporary, symbolic and quirky illustrations. Lisa approached this project with an open heart, as an artist interpreting the information before her. The effect is created by digitally collaging fragments of digital images, layered textures, digital art, hand-drawn art with stitched textiles.

This tarot is loosely themed around the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. If you start at the Major Arcana, flow into the Court cards and then end up at the Pips, you’ll notice the subtle variation in style that evolved during her journey creating this deck.



  • 78 cards printed in full-bleed colour, plastic-coated, 395um, Zanta Box Board and matt laminated
  • Each card is of Standard tarot size at 120mm x 70mm
  • The mini-booklet included provides researched word prompts and phrases behind the meaning of each card, helping to ground you in their illustrated intention
  • The deck and mini-booklet fits into a fully printed rigid box.

NOTE: this deck is not suitable for 'Riffle' shuffling as the creator wish to reduce the amount of plastic used in producing the cards. Also, the card stock is thick enough to ensure a quality feel, maintaining respect and extending the life of a valued deck. On darker coloured cards, it is expected that the corners and edges will naturally wear a little over time. On initial research, I gained a sense that there is an overall preference for 'no borders' around the images of tarot cards (white borders naturally protect the corners of printed images)

The Textured Tarot 🇬🇧

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  • Meet the Creator, Lisa McLoughlin

    Lisa McLoughlin is a Mixed Media Digital Collage artist, and creator of Nature-inspired art and crafts: Plant Ally, Tree Wisdom, and The Textured Tarot decks.

    She creates beautiful and evocative artwork to help you connect with your own heart and soul. Combining her experience as a physiotherapist and coach, with her intuition as an artist, she creates Nature-inspired gifts and art e-courses.

    Her mission is to be one of an expanding network of people to fly the marketing flag for Nature: creating art to help YOU be inspired to go outside and feel part of the interconnected web of life.