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Wayhome Tarot is a set of truly stunning and resonant 78 cards. Surprisingly luminous and sunny for an object with such depth, it is a user-friendly deck intended for all levels of experience.


The images weave in the magic of the mundane and imbue them with an enchantment that asks us to look a bit harder. The meeting place of the mystical and the quotidian is the heart of Wayhome Tarot, using symbols we see in our everyday lives to re-contextualize our daily human experience.


While creating this deck, there was much deep laughter, but additionally many tense days and sleepless nights. It has been utterly transformative, the creators felt they are better people for it, and hopefully the universe is a slightly better place because of it.  


  • Card Size: 2.75" x 4.75"

  • 330gsm cardstock with smooth aqeuous finish

  • Wayhome Tarot does not come with a guidebook

Wayhome Tarot 🇺🇸

  • Meet the Creator, Everyday Magic

    Everyday Magic is owned and operated by Bakara Wintner and Christian Berry. Both hailing from chaotic environments, finding their way to magic and eventually, each other, they approach their work through the connecting lens of storytelling and the belief that healing the world begins on an individual level. But healing the whole world is, of course, the goal.

    Founded in 2016, Everyday Magic has an online shop as well as a magic shop in Durham, North Carolina. Carrying a selection of gemstones, books, tarot cards, candles, self-care and healing objects, the shop provides beautiful, ethical, and mindfully-made objects for your home, body and spirit.