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Buddha is referred to as the Supreme Awakened One. An ideal companion to sit with during meditation and reflection.

The herbs, oils, and crystals were selected for their correspondence to this deity. It is used to dress altar tools, dress candles, wear as a personal fragrance, dress petitions, add to an essential oil diffuser... the application is up to you!

Possible Uses

  • Dress a white candle for meditation
  • Dress indigo or violet candle to open your Third Eye or Crown Chakras during meditation
  • Add to your oil diffuser in your bedroom for meditation or a restful sleep



  • Scented with Frankincense and Lotus
  • 15ml bottle with dropper top
  • External use only

Buddha (Meditation, Anointing) Oil 🇺🇸

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  • Meet the Creator, Susan Williams

    Susan is a psychic reader. an energy worker, and a spell weaver. 


    Candle magick is Susan's passion. She can enchant a candle for almost anything area where you may need a little help.