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All prices are in Singapore dollar


SEAMS tarot 2nd Edition is a 90 card deck of the original SEAMS tarot

with 10 alternative art cards. A new 10 of swords card is included to complete the story of the redhill bukit merah story.


As a bonus, it will also include 3 decks of 10 cards each to add to 30 cards.

These 3 decks are the Eight Trigram Oracle decks consisting of 9 cards each with one title card. With these 9 cards, you can unlock secrets of the yi jing (iching) / 9 palace fengshui / chinese view of divination.


The 120 card deck in total will also come with a certificate of authenticity as well.


  • A total of 120 cards: 90 cards for SEAMS Tarot and 30 cards for Ba Gua Oracle Deck

  • Card Size: 2.75" x 4.75" (70×120mm)

  • OPP coating doubleside superior smooth 320 gsm cardstock in Gold or Emerald Green gilding

  • Custom magnetic closing tuck box

  • Comes with pdf of guide book

SEAMS Tarot (2nd Edition) 🇸🇬

  • Meet the Creator, Rowen Ong

    Rowen Ong, the founder and chairmain of the Tarot & Cartonmancy Association Singapore as well as the author of 'Tarot In An Hour', has been a tarot reader since 1994 and in 2008, and has made various appearances in interviews and speaking events.


    In 2021, he collaborated with various artists across S.E.A and spearheaded the South East Asian Myths and Stories Tarot (SEAMS) along with: Lynyrd Narciso (creator of the Vanessa Tarot), Dr. Phil Ngo (creator of the Vietnam Tarot Museum), Master Suhendri (creator of various Leonor and decks in Indonesia).