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😬If you thought you didn’t want your mom to find your oracle cards before...


🤩The Mood Oracle is a relatable 69 card deck for your irreverent esoteric edutainment. Plastic cards that you can spill your bong water on.


🗣Here's what the metaphysical community has to say about the Mood Oracle:


“This is the deck I wish I had when I was tripping balls”

“Bigfoot’s dick is offensive. It’s so...erect.”


“I’d file a complaint about this deck but it’d probably just show up in Satan’s asshole.”

“This deck exploits Koalas.”


“I meditated a little too hard and did a little cleanse out my Poot chakra.”


🎴Use deck to:


  • Bathtub readingz
  • Test spaghetti
  • Flip at #love&light hoez
  • Build a fort to cry in
  • Scoop melted queso
  • Weed out clients without a sense of humor
  • Doubles as a passport...TO WEIRDO TOWN!

Mood Oracle 🇺🇸

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  • Meet the Creator, Natalie Meraki

    Natalie is an artist, author, tarot reader, and an a lot more crap, as you can imagine.