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All prices are in Singapore dollars


The 5-cent Tarot is a fun and whimsical deck loosely inspired by Victorian era poster art. Using vintage images and remnants of biological and botanical ephemera, this deck also incorporates keywords in both the upright and reverse positions.

There are no people in this deck, but flora, animals and insects with sometimes human accessories and unexpected elements. This deck is full of small surprises and fun bits of whimsy — the idea is to engage the reader with images that are interesting, yet clear and to the point.

Quirky and fun: in this deck, pentacles are buttons, wands are matchsticks, swords are needles and cups are vintage teacups.

The keywords in upright and reverse positions are scaled to a size that will be helpful for new readers, but also not a distraction for experienced readers. The compositions also employ the symbolism from traditional tarot and are therefore, RWS-adjacent.

  • Premium cardstock with a linen finish and superior shufflability, similar to a bicycle deck.
  • Bonus 4 extra majors cards, just for fun
  • 4 color options: Twilight Blue with Matte Gold edging, Robin's Egg with Matte Gold edging, Graphite with Graphite edging, and Lavender with Lavender edging
  • Each deck will include a matching custom designed pouch in a choice of Flax Gold or Mortar Gray

5-Cent Tarot (2nd Edition)

  • Meet the Creator, Madam Clara

    Our mysterious creator made up the Madam Clara character as part of a year-long project leading up to the Salem Witches Ball on Halloween, having always been fascinated with the dark and mysterious world of antique carnival and circus imagery. Madam Clara is an experiential "costume" that was based on a vintage penny arcade fortune teller (the old lady in the glass box), dispensing single fortune cards to bring the experience full circle.

    Under Madam Clara, 3 tarot decks were created: The Madam Clara Sees All Fortune Teller Tarot (the original deck), The Midcenturian Tarot, and The 5-Cent Tarot.