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Faunabelle Tarot includes 78 oversized cards featuring an illustrated cast of animals subtly loaded with symbolism. The accompanying guidebook offers warm-hearted meanings for each card appropriate for kids ages 3-12. But this deck is not for children only. Oh no! It’s for anyone who needs a little more kindness, compassion and beauty in their life.  


The Major Arcana is represented by 22 animal ambassadors.The Minor Arcana follows the stories of the Dog (Wands), Goldfish (Cups), Cockatiel (Swords) and Tortoise (Pentacles) in their quest for joy, love, mindfulness, and values.


Tarot cards go all the way back to the 15th Century when they were enjoyed as playing cards. Today, we can use the tarot as a tool of self-reflection and understanding. It allows us to look at a question or a circumstance through one of 78 lenses, the number of cards in a tarot deck. You can ask a question for yourself or for another person. 


Questions a young reader might ask FAUNABELLE include:


  • How can I get along better with my sister/brother?
  • What reminder should I take with me today?
  • How can I tell my friend something that's hard to share?


A tarot practice develops creativity, empathy and greater understanding of self and others. 



  • 78 full-color, fully illustrated cards printed on sturdy, yet flexible heavyweight 350gsm card stock with a soft touch matte finish
  • The deck is oversized with the cards measuring 3.25" x 4.15", with gold foil details on card backs and matte gold gilding
  • A stunning  color guidebook includes interpretations for both upright and reversed positions, with meanings that children, beginners, and long time practitioners will easily understand
  • Housed in a beautifully embossed keepsake box with gold foil detail
  • If you would like to see the meanings for each card, hop over to their Instagram page where it's posted along with a little bit of information regarding the creation of each card

Faunabelle Tarot 🇲🇽

PriceFrom $14.50
  • Meet the Creators, Nicola & Juanita

    Star, Stone & Fable is a two-person team: Nicola Allan, a lawyer-turned-illustrator with a huge passion for children’s illustration and Juanita Benedicto, a librarian-turned astrologer, magic maker and tarot reader. They live in the beautiful little town of San Miguel de Allende.  That’s right in the middle of Mexico! 


    They used to meet one another at a giant soccer field in the morning to let our dogs run and play. As they played, they talked. They found out they had similar passions including astrology, tarot, symbolism and children. They decided to roll all our interests together by collaborating on a tarot deck for children. 


    Boys and girls have been using their mother’s, grandmother’s and older sibling’s decks long enough. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they had a deck of their own? Here it is!


    By creating a tarot deck they’ve completely fallen in love with, they are hoping that their offering to you will allow them to expand their creative collaborations while adding an uplifting and positive contribution to people’s lives.