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Lucine is an Armenian word, meaning Moon. This tarot deck comes in 2 versions (Midnight & Twilight) and is about the natural cycles of our life. How we evolve, change, and grow from our experiences, the same way the moon is in an ever-changing natural cycle. The phases of the moon are symbolic, and remind us that through each life experience, we must also go through our own personal growth and development.

Throughout the deck, the moon symbolism is evident, with the moon phases placed at the top and the bottom of each card. The large illuminated full moon is placed in the center, elucidating the meaning of the specific card. With the symbolic presence and the luminous grandeur of the moon on each card, we are reminded that the energy of the moon represents completion, the height of power, and the peak of clarity.

In the Midnight Edition of Lucine Tarot, the moon is set against the dark inky blue sky, which is represented by a watercolor background. Each background is different. The dark peaceful sky and the bright powerful moon represents the coming together of the opposite forces, symbolizing unity and symbiosis.

Working together, the light and the dark, the natural opposites, creating balance and stability, a reminder that there are two sides to the human spirit, yet amongst the extremes, this is a universal principal of life and it represents our experiences. Despite the opposites and in spite of the opposites, the Universe is always perfect. In this edition, the details are gilded in a gorgeous bronze foil, and the edges have a beautiful and luxurious matte bronze finish.

In the Twilight Edition of Lucine Tarot, the gorgeous moon is set against the alabaster sky. This is the moment of the morning twilight. Right before sunrise. This edition was created to remind us that sometimes it is within the first sight of lightness that we are given information from our higher selves. It is the moment that our own inner wisdom brings the information forward. In this gorgeous edition, the details and the edges are gilded in holographic foil.

In a subtle and powerful way, Lucine reminds us that all things on earth are ever-changing and growing. Just like the moon, from the thinnest sliver of light to a large luminous orb suspended majestically, then slowly fading back to nothing.

Tarot is said to be a mirror of our soul, a key to our inner wisdom. Like so many forms of divination, tarot is a sacred and powerful tool that aids and guides us as we connect to our higher selves, stimulating our intuition and reflecting our inner realities back to us.

When designing the suits in the Lucine Tarot, the creator thought about 15th century wrought iron designs. She included this vernacular to the suit of cups, wands, swords, and pentacles. She wanted to introduce rich complexities of detail into this deck as a reference to some of the earlier tarot decks that she first fell in love with. It is a sort of homage to Lucine's tarot predecessors.




  • High quality 350 gsm card stock with a matte UV varnish
  • Standard  Tarot Card Size: 70mm x 120mm
  • Midnight edition features bronze foil details and edging, while Twilight edition features holographic details and edging

  • PDF guidebook download link will be provided via email

Lucine Tarot (2 color options) 🇺🇸

  • Meet the Creator, Lisa Santine

    Lisa Santine is an architect, an interior designer, an artist. She is also an empath, an intuitive, an artist, an astrologer, a tarot card reader, a crystal collector, and most importantly, a believer that if you do anything with passion and love, it will not only inspire others, but it will help make the world a more beautiful place.


    She has worked in Architecture and Interior Design for a lot of her adulthood. She has designed residences that have won awards and have been in several publications. Now, she has decided to pursue a long cherished dream. After many years of developing her skills in Astrology and Tarot, she decided to create her passion project and bring it to reality.


    She believes we are all here to serve a purpose, and she has found hers. It didn’t come easy to her. After a series of very significant life-altering events that started in August of 2017, she grew stronger and stronger in her own spiritual practice. And this lead her to the exact place she is right now. It has taken her several years to bring everything to fruition and introduce the world to her connection with the spiritual world. She is so excited to share her passion with you. Her goal is to spread love, joy and truth throughout the world. We are powerful in who we are when we are guided by our truth and love. And together, we can create the life we were incarnated to live.