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Immerse yourself in a magical world of Moon Witch. Inspired by the exploration of the Divine Feminine and the source of her powers: the MOON.


Unleash your inner-witch and artist.



  • 45 original artworks from "Moon Witch" Oracle Deck
  • Extra thick pages (140gsm) suitable for any media (pencils, markers, paint)
  • Easily ripped out pages, so you can frame your art, place it on your altar, etc.

Moon Witch Coloring Book 🇺🇸

  • Meet the Creator, Valeria

    Valeria started Flower and Feeling Apothecary to bring Magic and Self-care together through the art of Ritual Bathing. She has also created the beautiful Moon Witch Coloring Book and the Moon Witch Oracle deck, inspired by the exploration of Divine Feminine and her power source - The Moon.