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The Mystic Rebel Oracle Deck is intended to help the conscious creators and wild women of this world tap more deeply into their intuitive gifts. It provides you with a tool to experience a connected dialogue with your Guides. 



  • 46 captivating cards with customized artwork divinely designed by artist Rachael Day in collaboration with The Merhipsy. Unlike the outdated Angel imagery seen in decks of yesteryear, these cards modern bare contemporary reflections of Angels in the faces of real women just like YOU, walking the Earth, here to share their light
  • A 63-Page Guidebook that covers everything about how the cards work, how to do readings for yourself and others, the deeper message and meaning of each card, and how to properly care for your deck. Basically, it’s PACKED with celestial sweetness to help you navigate the process of intuitive readings!
  • Finishes fit for a Cosmic Queen! To really make this deck fit for a galactic goddess like yourself, each deck features luxe gilded edges and dazzling metallic touches.
  • Two-piece kick ass keepsake hard box with metallic touches and foil finishes.

Mystic Rebel Oracle

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  • Meet the Creator, Zoey Greco


    Zoey Greco, also known as "The Merhipsy", is an intuitive empath and spiritual coach, whose work connects individuals to the divine guidance and unconditional love that awaits them in every moment from Universal energy.

    As a Reiki practitioner, crystal healer, sound healing guide, and yoga instructor, Zoey uses her gifts of clairvoyance, healing, and empowerment, to help individuals step into their purpose, gain clarity on their lives, and find fulfillment and abundance in all forms.

    Zoey has had her intuitive ability her entire life, as well as her gift for healing. Able to describe her past lives and experiences in the beyond as an infant, all through her childhood she was able to "see" what wasn't there and to "hear" what wasn't said. Renowned psychics instantly recognized her as "gifted" and prophesied that she would one day have a powerful impact on the world. 

    After many gratifying years in private practice serving a global client base, and teaching at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Zoey is currently devoting herself outside of session to her trainings that help others step into their power including the Intuition Activation Mentorship, Sacred Sound Healing Certification course, and her podcast, The Mystic Rebel Podcast. In addition, she is also working to develop four more Oracle Card decks, which will join the existing Mystic Rebel Oracle Deck and Mystic Rebel Crystal Deck.

    She hopes that her work will assist others in living a life rich in Universal Love, connection to Oneness, and realization of their Divine potential.